Best Insta Bot

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Best Insta Bot is the No 1 Instagram bot in the world. It is currently used by thousands of online marketers, Photographers, and many public figures around the globe.  This tool has helped many businesses to build their brand on instagram and boost up their profit.
With this Bot you can get  2000+ followers in a week. You can Easily manage your instagram account. You will get a lot of likes and comments for your photos as a result of using this Bot. Even the worst picture or video in your gallery will get over 100 likes and  over 10 comments after using the bot for few days.
Best Insta Bot also will be very effective if you want to promote your products.
for example if you are selling fashion related products, you can auto like photos and videos in #fashion #mensware etc, then hundreds of individuals who posted those photos will definitely will take a look at your galleries and may visit your site/store etc.  If you already have a good amount of followers or professional looking galleries then  they will really value your like and follow you.

Version  : 5.2.1 Update Released Date : January 12, 2014


  • Fully automated like on multiple hashtags  - loop overnight
  • Follow people in a followers/followings list of a user or in a specific hash tag search.
  • Follow Popular - Follows  people who were active within last  few minutes.
  • Follow and Like  – Follows people and like one of their pictures/videos at the same time.
  • Fully automated mode  - With this mode you can make the Bot start automatically on system start-up everyday.  It  follows automatically and gain followers even if you forget to run the bot.
  • Auto Follow
  • follow people in specific harsh tag search results.
  • follow people in any page
  • Follow who follows me
  • Auto unfollow
  • Unfollow everyone
  • High speed Unfollow everyone using webstagram (10x faster)
  • Auto like
  • Like Pictures under specific harsh tag Search
  • Like pictures in list of favorite hashtags you specify
    • Popular hashtag suggesting feature included
  • Like Pictures in any page
  • Like back
  • Follow using followgram (5x faster)
  • Like using followgrm
  • Multiple Like
    • Auto Likes few pictures of each user, So you’re more likely to be followed
    • You can adjust the number of likes per user
  • Auto Comment
  • Ability to run the bot overnight
  • Ability Run for multiple accounts
  • Ability Run Multiple Instances
  • Search #tag
  • Speed change ability
  • 100 per minute fast unfollwing
  • Task Bar notifications when tasks finished
  • Gain quick follow backs by  Following active & online users.
  • Smart Follow  - Follows only people who has a high chance of following you back
  • Smart Like
  • Follow people in favorite hashtags
  • Comment pictures in favorite hashtags
  • Easily Switch between All your instagram accounts
  • Supports new instagram video feature.

Other Facilities

  • Developer support
  • Free Updates
  • User Guide PDF 
Download will begin immediately after payment is received.

Gain followers quick & easy with X Gram Bot

xGram Bot is the most stable, and only multi-threaded instagram bot that will run uninterrupted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced task scheduling.

If you are serious about marketing with instagram there is no room for time wasting single threaded, single account api bots with no real ability to create accounts. xGram Bot has successfully mastered the art of instagram account creation and actually operates as a real smart phone user. Read more about what xGram Bot has to offer below.

General Program Features
Bypass API – Behaves as a Smart Phone User
Fully Multi-Threaded
Multi-Account Management
HTTP Proxy Compatible – User/Pass Authentication & IP Authentication
Link Proxies To Accounts OR Load Proxies Seperately to Auto-assign
Spintax Compatible – For Use With Commenter
Built In Spintax Checker
Schedule Most Processes to Run Automatically
Built In Proxy Checker
Full Process Logging
Cookie Usage
Automatic Updates & Update Checking
Our Instagram Bots Toolset

Instagram Account Management
Easily manage and deploy network or instagram accounts from one central location. Our account management system supports proxies, and gives you the freedom to either assign proxies to each account specifically or to auto assign. In addition, there are several details in place to ensure your accounts operate as natural functioning instagram smartphone app accounts.

Follower (+ Scheduler)
Mass follow thousands of niche instagram users based on keyword search. Enter in as many keywords as you like and xGram will simultaneously follow thousands of Instagram users amongst as many accounts as you like at a time all within the keywords of your desired niche. Set the scheduler to fully automate this process 24/7.

Instagram Account Creator
Create your own army of Instagram accounts with the only Instagram account creator on the market. Simply input your email addresses, and usernames and our account creator creates accounts at lightning fast speeds. Your new accounts will be created using the exact creation process in the actual Instagram iPhone and android apps and is virtually undetectable.

Liker (+ Scheduler)
Similar in function to the follower, the mass instagram liker will “like” instagram images by keyword. Enter in multiple keywords and xGram will like as many images as available per keyword amongst all of your instagram accounts at once.

The instagram commenter gives you two ways to comment on instagram photos. You can either comment on “popular images” or comment on images based on a list of keywords. As with all features of xGram bot, this feature also supports multiple accounts and can run multiple threads simultaneously.

Information Generator
Easily keep up with all of your accounts stats. The information generator collects Account Information, Followers, Following and upload Count allowing you to easily keep track of your statistics and effectiveness of your actions.

Mass Promoter
The mass promoter is designed to provide your accounts and images with instant popularity. Mass Like Multiple Image ID’s and Mass Follow Multiple Users with all or a portion of your accounts.

Profile Image Uploader
Further enhance the quality of your instagram accounts by uploading profile images. The bot automatically resizes and crops any image to the required 150px by 150px profile image size. Choose to upload male or female profile images by selecting 0 to 100% male or female images.

Image Uploader
Choose your own images, or rip directly from instagram with the image ripper. The image uploader allows for captions, and hashtags plus can be scheduled to run to your own specification 24/7.

Water Marker Addon Module
Dynamically Add Text To Your Images Before Uploading to instagram. The watermarker supports multiple alignment features, font size, and font style.

Unfollow Users That Are Not Following Your Accounts.

Image Ripper
Rip Images From Instagram By Keyword Search for use with the image uploader.